About this Website

SanJuans.online is operated by residents of the San Juan Islands in Washington State. Our goal is to highlight online services that are not-for-profit, free to users, and operated by our neighbors in the San Juans. We are not associated with tourism, real estate, or local government.


Residents of the San Juan Islands often share the same values. We love our location and want to see it thrive. We support local businesses, individuals, and causes. We have very strong real-world communities and connections.

However, when it comes to connecting online, we depend on big corporations like Facebook and Twitter. Over time, Facebook groups became the standard platform for island connections.

A change is now afoot. Facebook and Twitter are corporations that prioritize profits over people. They depend on advertising and selling personal data. They are not local, but global. They don’t represent or reflect the values or needs of San Juans residents.

It’s time for us to do it ourselves. For the first time, small communities like ours have a choice. We can choose to use websites that are free and serve the same purposes as Twitter and Facebook, but are operated and supported by residents of the San Juan Islands. This includes social media, buy/sell/trade, online publications, and more.

The Directory

The directory will evolve over time and serve as a clearinghouse for websites and online services that reflect island needs and values. We have a relatively limited focus and work to list resources that share a few traits:

  • Owned, operated, and supported by residents of the San Juan Islands
  • Free for users and visitors
  • Not-for-profit
  • Non-commercial