San Juans Online

Why depend on companies like Facebook or Twitter when we, the residents of San Juan County, can do it ourselves?

This website is a directory of free, volunteer-supported services that reflect island needs and values.

All-Island Resources

Like Twitter, but operated by islanders is an online community of islanders connected to a global community of millions. Follow brief posts by your neighbors, ferry updates, and more.

Island-Specific Resources


Online resources and services for Lopez Islanders

LopezRocks is a free, not-for-profit website offering a variety of services for residents of Lopez Island and the San Juans. Operated and supported by islanders.

fir trees in fog


Like Buy/Sale/Trade but operated by islanders

OrcasHub is a free service for the residents of Orcas Island that offers listings for classifieds, housing, and more. Hosted and operated on Orcas Island. Get an email digest for new item listings.